Effective Guide For .qkG Virus Removal From Windows PC

All You Need To Know About .qkG Virus

Cyber security researchers have revealed a new but a unique example of a file-encoder threat named .qkG Virus. First of all, it has been spotted on November 12th, 2017 and written in VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) macro which is especially programmed by the cyber extortionists to encipher the Microsoft Word document only by using XOR cryptography algorithm. Based on the research report, the first sample of this malware was uploaded from Vietnam. However, it is important for you understand that the active distribution for .qkG Virus has not started yet, but you should keep your security measures update in order to protect yourself from the attack of such vicious ransomware virus, as it is still under development phase.

.qkG Virus

According to the malware analysts, this ransomware might be an experimental file-encrypting virus as well. In case, if you have already become the victim of .qkG Virus, then you should not pay the asked ransom money i.e. 300 USD in the form of Bitcoin. Cyber criminals behind this ransomware encrypts one type of file identified MS Word document, but such type of encoder viruses targets as much file-types as possible for the successful encryption. Besides, it employs Auto Close VBA macro which is reported as a same technique used by the Lukitus virus, known as a latest variant of Locky ransomware. This feature allows the ransomware to execute malicious macros once the victimized computer users close the document.

How Does .qkG Virus Work?

It is especially designed to encrypt the content of the infected Microsoft Word document, and do not change the file structure and name. The malware like .qkG Virus only encode the Active Document which means that only opened MS Word file will be enciphered. It makes copy of itself just by adding 'Document_Open()' autostart macro command onto the affected machine. Besides, the threat also injects malicious code into the normal '.dot' file which is known as a basic Word template. The hardcoded password used by the malware is 'I’m QkG@PTM17! by TNA@MHT-TT2'. In such circumstances, you should take immediate action to remove .qkG Virus effectively from your PC.


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Uninstall PUA.RegWork : Tips For Removing PUA.RegWork

Research Report on PUA.RegWork

  • Name: RegWork
  • Type: Potentially Unwanted Application
  • Version:
  • Updated on: November 20th, 2017 4:38:21 AM
  • Publisher: RegWork
  • Risk Impact: Low
  • Infection Length: Varies
  • Affected Systems: Windows OS

What do you know about PUA.RegWork?

When looking for a software to optimize your system, do not accidentally install PUA.RegWork. In fact, the presence of this application is entirely objectionable, so the researchers tend to rate it as potentially unwanted application. Once installed, it acts quite dubious and it seems that it aims to convince the computer user to purchase the full version of the RegWork program, even if there aren't any issues to solve. The software is developed by Honlyn Limited, which claims that their product has been downloaded various times, and at the same time it praises itself to have plenty of happy user with several positive feedback.


However, the entire boasting of PUA.RegWork doesn't end with these suspicious statistics. Although, the official website of this application states that the tool can optimize, speed up your machine, prevent errors and crashes, improve system's startup speed, secure your online browsing activities and even more. Unfortunately, it seems that this app might try to trick you into purchasing its full version even if the PC is free or errors and other issues. In other words, it is likely to receive fake scan results from this software. For this reason, security researchers recommend choosing a more reliable system optimization tool and remove PUA.RegWork immediately.

How To Deal with PUA.RegWork?

If you accidentally download a software that is supposed to fix your device and solve certain problems, but all that you get from it is various problems like computer slowdowns, crashing and non-responsive applications, you should understand that PUA.RegWork is a software which simulates the image of a problematic machine that needs to be fixed immediately. However, do not rush to buy this app, even eliminate it first and find out if your device continues to perform poorly. In case, if this PUA already runs on your computer,you can delete it using the removal instructions given below in the article.


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How To Delete TR/BitCoinMiner.Gen From Windows System?

This post is all about TR/BitCoinMiner.Gen. If somehow your Windows System has been infected with such a variant of malware and looking for an effective removal tip then your search definitely ends here. Keep reading this post completely and carry out the instruction as in the exact order.

Delete TR/BitCoinMiner.Gen

Threat's Profile of TR/BitCoinMiner.Gen

Threat's Name TR/BitCoinMiner.Gen
Threat's Family TR/BitCoinMiner
Threat's Type Trojan
Infection Length Varies
Discovered Date October 15th, 2012
Description Being a member of Trojan community, it makes unwanted modification in registry entries and endanger user's privacy.
Removal Possible

Detailed Information of TR/BitCoinMiner.Gen

TR/BitCoinMiner.Gen is another notorious, dangerous and vicious Trojan infection that can cause chaos to your PC and destroy your Computer badly. This type of malware usually lurks inside the Windows Computer by stealth and do series of malicious tasks at the System background. It secretly installs several suspicious add-ons, toolbars and extension on browser that works as a spyware and records your all keystrokes. By gathering your all sensitive data, con artists of such a malware can easily withdraw money that kept in your account and lead you to Online scam or cyber crime. Additionally, hackers collect the personal stuffs for displaying advertisements and get profit via PPC method.

Malicious Actions That Performed By TR/BitCoinMiner.Gen

Due to the presence of TR/BitCoinMiner.Gen, you have to really suffer with several hazardous issues including data loss, hard drive failure, application malfunctioning, system crash and much more. It is known to modify the registry settings and mess your entire crucial settings. It may shows your several fake alert, security warning and notification to trick you. Bear in your mind that all alerts are just only used to scam you so that cyber hackers can take control over your entire Computer. Apart from these, it can also bring several malicious threats after opening the System backdoor. In short, TR/BitCoinMiner.Gen is really very harmful for the PC and you should follow the step by step instruction to delete TR/BitCoinMiner.Gen from your PC immediately.

Common Sources of TR/BitCoinMiner.Gen Infiltration

  • Malicious or hacked sites that specially designed to infect TR/BitCoinMiner.Gen.
  • Email attachments and spam messages that sent to your inbox from unknown senders.
  • Malicious codecs, video player and other cost-free application.
  • Bundling method that offers several digital download packages.
  • Social media sites or links that pointed to infected sites or files etc.


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Exp.CVE-2017-16396 Uninstallation Tips For Windows (7/8/10)

uninstall Exp.CVE-2017-16396

Researcher's Report on Exp.CVE-2017-16396

Exp.CVE-2017-16396 is a highly dangerous malware infection which the malware researchers have classified under the category of stubborn Trojan threat. It has been especially programmed and propagated by the vicious cyber crooks with the sole intention of performing various vicious activities onto the Windows PC. It similar to those of various other treacherous infections of the same group, propagates itself very silently inside the targeted PC, without the user's assent.

Threat Analysis

  • Discovered : November 16, 2017
  • Updated : November 17, 2017
  • Type : Trojan
  • Infection Length : Varies
  • System Compromised : Windows

Successful perforation of Exp.CVE-2017-16396 inside the Windows PC leads to evolution of various catastrophic issues in it such as frequent system crash, application malfunctioning, hard drive failure, improper system functioning. Infection moreover, deletes all the vital files of system's hard drive. What's more worse, this Trojan threat brings modification in the system's default settings such as changes DNS settings, contaminate registry files, turn off firewall, deactivate antivirus applications etc.

Exp.CVE-2017-16396 besides very silently opens a backdoor onto it, making it more vulnerable to several other menacing malware infections. This ultimately results in the perforation of numerous other treacherous threats inside system. It additionally, poses negative consequences onto the user's privacy via stealing their personal stuff and then revealing it to the online marketing agents for the sake of several commercial purposes. This Trojan threat makes the PC's working speed slow and sluggish on huge extent by dropping numerous junk files in it's hard drive. Hence, to emancipate the PC as well as credential stuff from all such unpleasant traits, it is literally very important for the users to uninstall Exp.CVE-2017-16396 from PC.

How Exp.CVE-2017-16396 Perforates Inside PC ?

  • Exp.CVE-2017-16396 generally perforates itself inside PC without the user's assent together with the attachment of several spam emails.
  • Downloading freeware, shareware and drive-by-downloads also leads to the penetration of this Trojan virus inside PC.
  • Infection besides might propagate itself via online games, corrupted hardwares and pirated softwares.
  • Clicking several questionable images or links while surfing web results in the intrusion of this malware infection on large extent inside PC. 


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Easy Guide To Smart PC Mechanic Uninstallation From Windows (7/8/10)

remove Smart PC Mechanic

Researchers Report on Smart PC Mechanic

Smart PC Mechanic is a rogue software which the PC experts have technically characterized as a potentially unwanted program designed by potent cyber crooks with the sole motto of lurking rookie PC user and then gaining revenue from them. Researchers have reported this program pretending of being an efficient program onto the user's device's screen which do includes potential of cleaning, speeding up and enhancing the total performance of Windows PC. It's author in order to proof his/her made claims trustworthy about this particular application, do executes a deep scanning of the system and then portray results stating that some security issues do exists in the PC. Crooks mainly exercise this practice for the purpose of enticing PC users into thinking that their PC is actually contaminated with a number of craps and do have a huge problem which needs to get repaired and thus in order to fix the resultant issues, it insists victims to purchase the full version of this program.

Now despite of the fact that portrayed results appears 100% legitimate, it is kindly suggested neither to trust any of the made claims nor to make asked purchasing and instead only concentrate onto the removal of Smart PC Mechanic from the PC in a case if it has somehow succeeded to infiltrate inside your PC as system security analysts have proven it the single solution possible to the emancipation of system from the set forth negative traits.

How Smart PC Mechanic Sneaks Inside PC ?

  • Smart PC Mechanic do includes an official page and mostly get downloaded directly from their.
  • However, besides one might acquire it inside his/her system through spam email campaigns.
  • Peer to peer file sharing and using infectious external storage devices to transfer data from one system to another also plays a very crucial role in the silent dissemination of afore-stated PUP inside PC.
  • PUP often perforates itself through adult websites, online games, corrupted hardwares and pirated softwares.

Nasty Behavior of Smart PC Mechanic

  • Smart PC Mechanic without taking the user's permission modifies the system's preset Windows registry settings for the purpose of acquiring persistence in it.
  • Changes the PC's default browser's settings.
  • Violates the user's privacy via stealing their personal stuff and then revealing it to the online crooks for the sake of several marketing purposes.
  • Downloads and installs numerous other catastrophic infections inside PC without the user's assent by weakening working efficiency of the antimalware program existing in it.
  • Slows the system's working speed on large extent. 


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How To Uninstall SearchMyFile From Windows XP | Vista | 7 | 8 | 10

All You Need To Know About SearchMyFile

SearchMyFile is an ad-supported potentially unwanted application that can start pushing sponsored content through Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Edge or other web browser out of nowhere. It is part of an adware which changes the victim's homepage settings to unfamiliar website and then add it as a main search engine. Soon after, it starts displaying numerous advertisements from various third-party advertisers. Lately, it started bothering infected Windows system users and delivers add in the form of pop-ups, banners, in-text links and so on. If SearchMyFile ads has already shown up in your web browser, then you should keep in mind that it is unreliable and should be avoided just because it may show you intrusive ads.


While you can never know what is promoted using this adware, you should always be very careful with its unwanted browser redirects. Also, it may start bothering you with irritating pop-up ads, slowdowns, and similar problems. Finally, it is known that SearchMyFile may start gathering information about the user's browsing habits and accumulate data about their search terms, mostly visited sites, time that they spend there, information that they enter, etc. If you do not want to run into privacy-related issues, the you should be very careful with this application. However, if you know that you have never installed this PUP on your system, you should follow a guide which is given below in this article and get rid of it as quickly as possible.

What are the issues caused by SearchMyFile?

Once installed, SearchMyFile drops a bunch of files onto your Windows OS to set itself up and remain on the machine as long as it is possible. The CPM researchers advise removing this ad-supported program from your device immediately, although it can seem like a challenging task at first. Infected system users have been complaining about irritating ads, unfamiliar redirects, and other problems caused by this adware. Despite being non-malicious, it can track your browsing data and keeps delivering even more disruptive Internet ads on a daily. It might deliver fake Java or Flash player update on your PC screen, but you should avoid them and delete SearchMyFile ASAP.


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TestOnlineSpeed Toolbar : Quick Ways To Eliminate From Compromised PC

Yesterday My son is watching online movie on PC and download a free toolbar called TestOnlineSpeed Toolbar on it. After then system becomes so slow and bothering whenever going online by displaying too many advertisements or pop-ups. When I run a full system scan then I found it as a PUP. So I need some quick help to remove TestOnlineSpeed Toolbar from infected PC immediately.

TestOnlineSpeed Toolbar : Short Analysis

  • Name – TestOnlineSpeed Toolbar
  • Type – PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program)
  • Risk – Low
  • Symptoms – Hijacks browsers, slow PC performance, redirections, ads or pop-ups etc.
  • Delivery – Freeware or shareware, infected links, suspicious sites etc.
  • Infected PC – Windows

TestOnlineSpeed Toolbar Can Make Your System Very Slow

TestOnlineSpeed Toolbar is a kind of deceptive application which has been developed by MindSpark Interactive Network (now known as IAC Applications). The application has been promoted as legitimate which helps to test their Internet performance speed. But the real side of the app is very different from its appearance. System experts classed it as a PUP which installed on your system without your knowledge. Once it gets installed then it start managing your system and web browsers to carry out their vicious activities on the affected system. It attached to your most used web browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Edge and other similar web clients to modify their existing settings to replace default set home page and search engine provider with some of the annoying sites.

remove TestOnlineSpeed Toolbar

Then after when you go online to visit a site or search web then your search results will be redirected on several infected sites which may drop more malware into your system to damage it deeply. It completely diminished your surfing experience by following these unwanted activities on computer like showing too many intrusive advertisements, bogus pop-ups, banners, fake links, and so on. Most of the time this kind of PUPs getting into system by following stealth installation using free download software installers. So you should use "Custom or Advanced" screen to install new programs. Hence you need to follow the below given steps to uninstall TestOnlineSpeed Toolbar from infected PC using a trusted anti-malware. 


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Browser Infected With Feed.365-stream.com? (Fix Redirection Issue)

Threat's Profile of Feed.365-stream.com

Threat's Name Feed.365-stream.com
Type Browser Hijacker
Risk Impact Low
Affected Systems Win 32 & Win 64
Affected Browsers Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Safari and much more.
Description It is another suspicious domain that aim to hijack user's all browser and cause the web redirection issue.
Occurrences Via bundling method, spam campaigns, torrent attackers, pirated software, hacked sites etc.
Symptoms Degrades performance speed, alter browser settings, opens system backdoor, exploit Computer vulnerabilities and much more.
Removal Possible

Detailed Information & Malicious Doings of Feed.365-stream.com

Feed.365-stream.com has been proven by security experts as an unsafe domain that falls under the category of browser hijacker family. The appearances of this search provider may seems as legitimate and claims you to enhnace your web surfing experience but you should not trust on it because this domain has been specififically designed and used by the cyber hacker with wrong intention. It automatically set itself as your default webpage and redirect you to search.yahoo.com. See how the interface of Feed.365-stream.com looks like to attract innocent user :

Delete Feed.365-stream.com

Upon the successful installation, it does not only set itself as your default search engine but also make unnecessary modification to entire browser and crucial settings. While assinging new settings, it may keep redirecting you to the third-party site while searching any query or doiong online operation. Besides, it automatically download too much additional program which as a result highly consume resoutces and degrades overalll performanve speed. This browser hijavcker is capable to infecvt all browser and degrade browsing speed. what's worse about it, this browser hijacker records user's browsing session, cookies, online history etc and collect your all personal data. To have an excellent browsing experience and keep PC safe, it is very necessary to delete Feed.365-stream.com. Regarding it's deletion, an expert solution is given below.

Dissemination Strategies Used By Feed.365-stream.com

Belonging to the browser hijacker category, Feed.365-stream.com uses numerous tricky distribution channels but mainly it attach itself as a form of suspicious toolbar, add-ons, browser helper objects, browser toolbars and much more that travels along with the bundling method. Download of any cost-free package using default or typical mode is the most common infiltration channel. Therefore, you should be cautious while downloading & installing any freeware packages. Users must follow the onscvreen instructions carefully, read terms & conditions, accept the software license and untick all unknown programs.


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Want to Uninstall streamfrenzy.com ?? (Try This Hijacker Removal Guide)

remove streamfrenzy.com

Things To Know About streamfrenzy.com

Being a product from MyWay, streamfrenzy.com is technically a browser extension which the PC experts have classified under the category of precarious browser hijacker infection crafted by potent cyber spammers with the primary intention of tricking rookie PC users into it's fake tricks and then earning illicit revenue from them. It on the user's device's screen simply pretends of being a legitimate as well as beneficial program including capability of enabling users to listen to live, worldwide radio stations online and enjoy web search. Now despite the fact such sort of functionality initially appears authentic, it is advised neither to trust any of the made claims nor to make usage of the program and instead only concentrate on removal of streamfrenzy.com from the PC since PC experts have proven it the one of the most efficient solution to the liberation of system from all the set forth hazardous traits.

streamfrenzy.com causes numerous perilous issues in the system upon being perforated successfully in it. It firstly acquire control over browser existing in the PC and then replaces the PC's preset homepage, search provider and new tab URL with some other domain. Hijacker infection moreover besides from this, flood the entire victimized device's screen with endless intrusive advertisements which regardless of the fact that initially appears legitimate, as a matter of fact poses redirection to several phishing domain upon being clicked. It furthermore, tracks the user's personal stuff and gathers their personal stuff which it later then transfer to the potent cyber crooks regarding several marketing purposes.

streamfrenzy.com additionally, proliferates numerous other treacherous malware infections inside computer system without the user's acknowledgement by degrading working efficiency of the security program existing in it. It makes the system's performance extremely slow and sluggish by taking up enormous magnitude of it's available space. Thus, for the sake of PC's as well as browser existing in it emancipation from all such awful consequences, it is literally very important for the users to remove streamfrenzy.com from it.

Perforation Techniques of streamfrenzy.com

  • streamfrenzy.com commonly comes packed within several freeware programs and perforates inside PC along with their respective installation.
  • Threat besides, might propagate itself via junk emails and their respective malicious attachments.
  • Sharing files in networking environment and playing online games also plays a very crucial in the dissemination of this perilous threat inside PC. 


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Steps To Delete BetterSearch.co From Chrome|Firefox|IE|Opera

Should You Trust BetterSearch.co Search Tool?

BetterSearch.co virus is a browser hijacker virus which try to hijack the Internet browsers without being noticed. Unfortunately, but you are the one who allows the threat to invade your machine after carelessly following the installation steps of freeware programs. If you have already find this infection on your browsers like Firefox, Opera, Chrome, IE, Edge, Safari, etc., then make sure that you know about its capabilities to spy on its infected users. While it doesn't accumulate as much sensitive data, but it still captures information about your mostly visited domains, details that you enter there and so on. There after, BetterSearch.co starts causing annoying activity on your PC which includes unwanted browser redirects to suspicious portals and similar issues.


Fortunately, browser hijacker threats have nothing to do with rogue system security applications or ransomware viruses, so they can hardly pose any serious harm to your personal and confidential data. However, they have been involved into various illegal activities that CPM security researchers have already mentioned. You can say that BetterSearch.co hijacker has already infiltrated your machine, if you can find this domain instead of your default start page, search provider and a new tab URL. Besides, you should also know that such viruses tend to show infected users with modified search results that they fill with various sponsored content. Once you click on one of such displayed results, it acts as a tool rerouting you to a web page needed to its creators.

Why BetterSearch.co should be removed from your PC?

Typically, such unwanted browser redirects caused by BetterSearch.co end up on the domains trying to increase their website traffic. In exchange for this service, their developers are ready to pay the money. However, there is no guarantee that such redirected websites is safe to visit, so the CPM analysts do not recommend staying on them for too long. In fact, the researchers highly recommend avoiding these redirects. If this unfamiliar search engine has already infiltrated your PC, you need to initiate BetterSearch.co removal right away. For that, you can run a full system scan with the help of a credible anti-spyware tool like the one recommended in this post.


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