Instructions on Removal From PC (Working Proven)


About is basically a suspicious domain to which web users get rerouted at the time when a browser hijacker infection namely Convert 2 PDF infiltrates inside PC. Experts have reported this perilous program pretending of being a beneficial application onto the user's device's screen crafted to furnish the web users with ability of converting PDF files to other formats and vice-versa. Now regardless of the fact that such sort of functionality initially appears authentic, it is suggested neither to trust any of the made claims nor to make utilization of the program and instead only concentrate on the removal of Convert 2 PDF from the PC since according to security professionals it is the most comprehensive solution possible to the liberation of system from all the set forth sort of malicious traits.

Infiltration Techniques of

Convert 2 PDF do owns an official website, so get downloaded directly from their. However, it might acquire propagation among user's PC via freeware and shareware downloads. Threat besides often propagate itself through spam emails and their respective malicious attachments.

Playing online games, using infected external USB drives to transfer data from one system to another, installing pirated softwares, sharing files in networking environment, tapping several suspicious flickering over device's screen while surfing web and watching porn sites also plays a very vital role in the perforation of this hijacker threat inside system.

Nasty Issues Associated With Convert 2 PDF

  • Convert 2 PDF hijacks the browser existing in the system and modifies it's preset homepage, search provider and new tab URL or new tab window to
  • Appends to the end of each and every browser's shortcut for the purpose of opening up their particular domain every time whensoever the browser get launched.
  • Infection moreover besides from this, flood the entire victimized device's screen with loads of intrusive ads which despite the fact that initially appears legitimate, as a matter of fact causes redirection to several questionable domain.
  • Exposes the user's privacy via gathering their personal stuff and then transmitting it to the online crooks for the sake of several commercial purposes.
  • Perforates numerous other stubborn malware infections inside system without the user's assent by weakening working efficiency of the antivirus program installed in it.
  • Diminishes the system's performance badly by taking up large amount of it's available resources.

Hence, to forbid the browser's default pages from being modified to, it is very essential for the users to remove Convert 2 PDF from it. 


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Koler FBI ransomware : Most Used Steps To Remove Ransomware From Windows

Koler FBI ransomware : Latest Research Description

Koler FBI ransomware is yet another ransomware breach discovered by the malware researchers last week. Users got infected while they visit adult themed websites that are targeted by the malicious ads for a fake PornHub app that contain a variant of ransom infection named Koler FBI ransomware. This ransomware sample has been noticed in 2014 when the operators of the Reventon Windows screen locker ransomware decided to apart itself and generate an Android counterpart, which significantly started advertisements on hacking forum in Russian languages. This Android variant attacked on users using get-go and it is named as one of the most active Android infection attacking threat has been detected in many of attacking campaigns during last year including one that was entitled as SMS worm to automate and speedup its infection process.

remove Koler FBI ransomware

As you read above it was designed by the Reventon group, The Koler FBI ransomware also inherited by the similar technique used by its Windows brenthren, which is infamous for locking people out of their systems and displaying a police themed message that suggest peoples to fine for watching pornographic contents on device. This ransom demanding trick was noticed last week by ESET security researchers who discovered an ongoing fake campaign to push fake PornHub apps that contain infection Koler FBI ransomware which spreading via shady or adult themed websites. While you navigate through these websites then you lured to download a fake PornHub in order to watch the pornographic contents. User that allows the installations of apps which might be from the third party contents or sources will be welcomed with some of the greeting messages and try to make grant it from the user to allows continuous installations from admin rights. This mechanism is known as "ClickJacking", which is very common into Android malware attacks. This campaign is mainly aimed to the US users.

So you should be very careful to this new havoc and also use some quick solutions to remove Koler FBI ransomware from your infected system. You should follow the below given steps to clean your infected computer permanently. 


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Delete From Infected Browsers & Fix Redirection Issue

Expert's Analysis Report on is a dubious site that mainly advertises as a proxy service named 'Anonymizer Gadget'. Although, at the first sight it seems as a legitimate and trusted site that claims user to hide their current geographical location settings so that they can get around the country restrictions for the services including 'Hulu'. It uses logo, design, download button and more detail from a legitimate and most popular VPN software named ExpressVPN. Judged on it's appearances and promises, most of the system user take it as a trusted and reputed domain but in reality it is completely different that come with malicious intention. You can see the interface that used by to attract System users :


Negative Consequences Caused By

Despite of it's legitimate look and promises, is really very different in reality. This domain is actually a main URL for dubious platform that used for promoting the proxy services. Such a platform is responsible for making unnecessary modification in your browser, system and network settings. It is mainly known for spreading massive advertisements in numerous form including banner ads, window ads, deals, discounts, in-text ads, audio or video ads, comparison prices, promo codes and much more.

All displayed advertisements are typically based on PPC platform that help cyber hackers to earn online money. Suspicious ads and links are also responsible for causing the web redirection issue that will automatically lead you to third-party site and force you to buy bogus application. It is responsible for causing too much interruption while surfing the web. If you really want to have a better surfing experience and avoid PC having such a serious troubles then you should eliminate from your browser immediately after getting any harmful symptoms of it.

Potential Sources of Infiltration

The con artists or creators of uses couple of ways to infect browser. It can be downloaded from it's official site, But most of the cases, it infect browser as a suspicious toolbar, browser helper objects, plug-ins, add-ons and other malicious code that packed within the bundling method. Without your awareness, it could be get inside your Windows PC via third-party installers. To prevent System from having any browser hijacker or dubious program, you must opt Advanced or Custom installation option and deselect all unknown things while performing the installation procedure. Besides, it may also be spread through suspicious ads, spam emails, pirated software, infected game servers and much more. It's infiltration tactics may varies time-to-time but it mainly distributed via the Internet. This is why, you should pay attention while downloading any cost-free packages.


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Brief Description on is a vague search engine that might emerge in your browser after installing 'Your Performance Tester' add-on. This browser extension has permissions to read and alter data on portals that you visits and also claims to manage installed apps, extensions, and themes. Although, the Internet or system running speed testing is not something that PC user needs to do on a daily basis, so the CPM experts do not think that installing this shady search tool only to test your browsing speed is absolutely wrong. Besides, considering that falls into the category of browser hijacker threat, so the virus experts can assure you that it won't let you eliminate the infection easily from your browser.

It mainly seeks to convince unsuspecting system users to use a search engine which is set to provide SaferBrowser Yahoo Search results. Therefore, this is exactly what the tab name of this search provider says once the indicated website delivers them. It is a clear sign which indicates a Yahoo redirect virus, so the CPM analysts strongly recommend you to remove as soon as you can. In other words, while the displayed search results seem to be powered by Yahoo, they are completely filled with sponsored entries leading to the domains that seek to be promoted. Unfortunately, visiting these external sites can pose a threat to your computer's privacy or even compromise your PC.

Reasons To Avoid Using

The creators of this hijacker is Polarity Technologies, Ltd. and the name of this company always appears in the web pages of such suspicious hijackers. It specializes in developing various PUPs, so if you spotted its name onto any app in the Control Panel, uninstall them immediately. Just like other hijackers, is set to gather some information about you online browsing habits by adding add tracking cookies to capture search queries, IP address, and similar data. Based on the recorded data, it can display ads based on your online interests and mislead you to click on those ads. However, if you really care about your online privacy, the CPM researchers strongly suggest you to avoid clicking on those advertisements and perform its removal instantly.


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How To Remove From Windows PC ? (Working Solution)


About is a menacing browser hijacker threat which according to PC experts mainly contaminates the PCs having Windows OS installed in them. It usually proliferates itself very silently inside the targeted system without being notified by the users, likewise those of several other catastrophic programs of the same group. It onto being intruded successfully in the PC, contributes numerous awful issues in it. begins the implementation of several malicious practices via firstly grabbing complete control over entire system and then hijacking the browser existing in it. Crooks mainly exercise this hijacking practice for the purpose of modifying the PC's preset browser's settings. This modification is usually brought up in a manner that causes a number (generally 2-3) of consecutive redirects to several questionable websites. Thus, redirection poses by might cause high-risk malware infection. Threat additionally, bombard the entire compromised device's screen with loads of intrusive ads in the form of banners, pop-ups, coupons etc. Experts have notified these ads getting displayed through tools enabling placement of third party graphical content on any site. Thus, most conceal underlying content, thereby degrading the browsing experience.

Ads by moreover, execute scripts, leading to installation of several additional malware infections in the PC. Thus, tapping these ads might leads to several computer threats. Hijacker threat besides, tracks the user's web browsing session and gather their personal stuff, which it then later on transfers to the online crooks for the sake of several commercial purposes. It brings degradation in the system's working speed on large extent by occupying large magnitude of it's CPU as well as memory space. Hence, to maintain an appropriate magnitude of distance between PC as well as awful issues, it is doubtlessly very important for the users to remove from it.

How Acquire Installation Inside PC ?

  • Developers of generally makes usage of 'Bundling' method to perforate this perilous infection inside PC. Under this method, the perilous programs comes bundled within several malicious programs and intrudes inside system at time when users download and install them.
  • Threat aside, might penetrate itself via junk emails and their respective malicious attachments.
  • Playing online games and usage of infectious external storage devices to transfer data from one system to another results in the propagation of this perilous infection inside PC on large scale. 


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Tips For Deleting SONAR.Cryptlck!g156 From Infected Windows PC

Delete SONAR.Cryptlck!g156

Threat's Description of SONAR.Cryptlck!g156

Threat's Name SONAR.Cryptlck!g156
Type Trojan
Affected Systems Windows
Risk Impact Medium
Discovered Date November 16, 2017
Updated November 17th, 2017 8:05:26 AM
Infection Length Varies
Removal Possible

Horrible Things That You Must Know About SONAR.Cryptlck!g156

SONAR.Cryptlck!g156, another term that falls under the hazardous Trojan community. Similar to the other malware, it has been also crafted by the cyber hackers to ruin PC badly and earn illicit revenues from the innocent users. It has been crafted in such a way that it can infect almost all System that executing on Windows based Operating System. It secretly get inside the Windows System and start to conduct series of malevolent activities at the System background. It secretly deactivated security software and tool so that user cannot easily detect and delete SONAR.Cryptlck!g156.

Malicious Doings of SONAR.Cryptlck!g156

Upon getting installed inside the Windows System successfully, first of all it alter entire browser as well as Computer settings without user awareness. It automatically add various add-ons, browser plug-ins, toolbars, harmful extension etc to hijack all browser and extort illicit profits from the invoice System users. By opening System backdoor, it injects several malware infections such as spyware, worms, rootkits, ransomware and much more. To start itself automatically, it corrupts registry and system files. Moreover, it highly consumes resources and degrades overall performance speed. Apart from these, the worst behavior of such a malware is recording user's online history or browsing session and endanger user's privacy. In short, SONAR.Cryptlck!g156 is really very harmful which does not only ruin your System but also keep your privacy at the high risk. Therefore, deletion of SONAR.Cryptlck!g156 is required from the infected Windows PC immediately.

Potential Sources of SONAR.Cryptlck!g156 Infiltration

  • Download of spam attachments or malicious links.
  • Bundling method that automatically install additional program inside the PC.
  • Visit of any hacked or gambling site that offers several digital downloads.
  • Upgrade of Operating System through third-party or redirected link.
  • Transfer of data or file from one device to another using infected external device and much more.


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Best way To Get Rid of Misleadingwin32/pidmecc From Windows PC

Investigation Report on Misleadingwin32/pidmecc

If your installed anti-virus program is detecting the presence of Misleadingwin32/pidmecc on your system, this means that your Windows system has become infected with a malicious Trojan virus. Such type of noxious Trojan viruses are considered threatening and have many behaviors that may be associated with malicious computer threats. It may become very annoying and pose a high security risk. The main objective of this Trojan and most other hazardous system threats is to expose the infected machine users to various intrusive ads, links and steal sensitive personal information as well. Since, Misleadingwin32/pidmecc may cause numerous issues on affected device, cyber security analysts strongly recommend the immediate removal of this malware with the help of credible anti-malware security tool.


The Trojan has been especially programmed by the cyber criminals to display fake or misleading alerts related to Windows operating system. Once Misleadingwin32/pidmecc gets inside the targeted machine, the malware displays plenty of deceptive alert messages on the computer screen in order to mislead the victimized users into purchasing a rogue anti-virus program. It has the ability to modify the Windows registry entries to get started automatically in each and every system startup. Although, malware researchers strongly suggest running a full and in-depth analysis of the compromised system with a reliable security program to ensure that the Trojan has not been associated with other infections.

How Misleadingwin32/pidmecc may Enter a System?

The most common way of distributing malware is through spam email attachments. Besides, Misleadingwin32/pidmecc may also invade the targeted machine with the help of malicious torrent files, misleading domains, intrusive ads and links. Although, if you tend to download freeware programs from insecure websites, then the chances are that your system might get infected with this malware as well. So, you need to browse the web carefully in order to protect your PC from the attack of such vicious Trojan. In case, if it has already infiltrated your computer, you need to delete it immediately to prevent any type of issues or damages that Misleadingwin32/pidmecc may cause on your Windows operating system.


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.fairytail Files Virus : Verified Ransomware Removal Guidance From Windows

This below given post aims to provide a quick and complete removal solution to remove .fairytail Files Virus from infected computer and also tells you how to restore your corrupted files that has been encodes by the ransom infection. So read the article carefully.

.fairytail Files Virus : Technical Information


.fairytail Files Virus





File extension


Ransom demand

$100 in Bitcoins


infected codes, spam email attachments, suspicious downloads etc.

Infected systems

Windows OS

.fairytail Files Virus Can Make your Files Inaccessible And Demand Ransom

.fairytail Files Virus is considered as a new variant of Cryakl Ransomware virus which uses .fairytail Files Virus as a new brutal infection to make PC users files damage. It is one of the nasty malware infection which can make your files such as images, presentations, audios, videos, spreadsheets, databases, e-books, pdfs, texts and other similar things that is important to you. After intrusion into your system it start configuring your entire PC to collect all the mentioned files together to follow the encryption routine using some of the most rigid encryption algorithm ciphers to lock your files. Then after following successful encryption this appends a new ".fairytail" extension along with the compromised files to identify them easily and also tell the victim about the encryption attack. Then after it sends a ransom note in a text format known as "READ_Me.txt" which contain a message that

"All your files has been encrypted and if you do not pay the ransom on time then files will be deleted forever"

remove .fairytail Files Virus

As you might know that the most of the ransomware uses very common techniques to infect PC users. One of the most general trick is to send infection into a specially crafted spam email attachment which seems like a legit mail from office and a invoice receipt from a shopping site. When the users open the mail and as soon as download the attachment on system then the malicious executable gets executed automatically and send infection files into entire computer. Some more ways are like sharing of files, infected links or ads, suspicious updates and so on.

You should not get ready to pay the ransom to hackers. Use a strong anti-malware to remove .fairytail Files Virus from system and then run backup to restore damaged files.  


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Effective Guidance To Remove PUA.TwkbitAntimalware From Windows

If you system freezes abruptly and fails to respond to your commands then it might be the unwanted application called PUA.TwkbitAntimalware got infect your system. So if you need to uninstall it from system then follow the steps which is given below.

PUA.TwkbitAntimalware : Specific Details About It



AKA as

Tweakerbit Antimalware


Potentially Unwanted App

Risk Impact





17 November 2017 4:25:50 PM


Slow system performance, corrupt files, replaces system settings etc.


Spam email attachments, pirated programs, malvertising etc.

Affected systems


PUA.TwkbitAntimalware : Brief Information About The Unwanted Application

PUA.TwkbitAntimalware is a Potentially Unwanted App (PUA) that gives misleading information about several issues on your computer. It is detected as unwanted application which one's installed on system then it makes many of unwanted PC problems which can not be easily fix. Once it gain access to your system then it messes with system settings to make changes into it to easily carry out their nasty deeds. It make itself as system startup to start automatically everytime with every system boot. You may see some of the unknown tasks into your TaskManager that might run into system background which uses most of the available system resources to make system very slow that start freezing and sometimes crashed too. It can make system programs and their functionalities disable to use. You may get fake notifications about system security and try to convince you to take tech help to fix the issue and pay for the service.

remove PUA.TwkbitAntimalware

Malware developers very smartly spread this PUA.TwkbitAntimalware among the PC users by following various smart infecting tricks. They generally using third party freeware or shareware installers to attach the infection file into it and when the users download it on their systems without checking their EULA and other security checks then it gets into your system without your permission using stealth. If you use "Custom or Advanced" screen which allows you to see the list of the programs you are going to install. So you should always use this screen for safe installations.

So if you want to use PC securely then you should remove PUA.TwkbitAntimalware from PC by employing a strong anti-malware. Then you can use PC conveniently. 


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How To Uninstall PUA.TwkbtRegOptimizer From Windows PC ? (Easy Solution)

remove PUA.TwkbtRegOptimizer

Complete Overview on PUA.TwkbtRegOptimizer

PUA.TwkbtRegOptimizer is technically a potentially unwanted application which the malware researchers have notified especially crafted by team of cyber crooks with the primary objective of destroying all the newest versions of Windows OS. It likewise those of various other awful programs of the identical group, disseminates itself very silently inside the targeted system, without being acknowledged by the users. It once penetrated successfully, conducts a series of evil practices in the system.

Technical Description

Updated November 17, 2017
Type Potentially Unwanted App
Name Tweakerbit Registry Optimizer
Infection Length Varies
Publisher Tweakerbit
System Compromised Windows
Risk Impact Low

PC experts have reported PUA.TwkbtRegOptimizer beginning the execution of several malicious exercises via firstly grabbing complete control over entire system and then hijacking the browser installed in it. This PUA do includes capability of posing harm to all the most reputed web browser applications such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Edge, Safari and Opera. It furthermore, equip several malevolent codes inside the system for the purpose of bypassing the security tools existing in the system such as antimalware programs, firewall detection and various other installed genuine programs.

PUA.TwkbtRegOptimizer might also results in the crash down of the targeted system and turn the screen to blue screen of death (BSOD). Vicious program besides, modifies the system registry files, task manager, exe files, Windows editor and such more. It additionally, often causes harm to the user's privacy via gathering their personal stuff and then transferring it to the potent cyber crooks for the sake of several commercial purposes. Hence, to keep the PC away from all aforementioned sort of dangerous traits, it is undoubtedly very important for the users to remove PUA.TwkbtRegOptimizer from it.

Causes Reasonable Behind Proliferation of PUA.TwkbtRegOptimizer Inside PC

  • Downloading freeware programs from several anonymous domain and then installing them in the system with careless attitude.
  • Accessing spam emails and opening up their respective malicious attachments.
  • Playing online games and watching adult sites.
  • Tapping several suspicious images or links while surfing web.
  • Sharing files in networking environment and surfing hijacked domains.
  • Upgrading antimalware program existing in the PC on irregular basis also plays a vital role in the dissemination of PUA.TwkbtRegOptimizer inside PC. 


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