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You may notice your browser is redirect to Is your search engine such as Firefox and Chrome is block?Are you getting new icons on your desktop? If your facing such a problem, then carefully remove it as soon as possible. has been considered as a browser hijacker that you need to remove from your infected computer. Once it infiltrated, it will hijack your main browser whether you are using any of them like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla Firefox etc. After hijacking your browser, it will always cause redirect issues, whenever you want to visit your favorite websites, you will get redirected to the unknown web pages. The corrupt your browsing experience and decreases the Internet speed. is a malicious application that enters in your PC without any notification. It secretly enters in your PC through downloading freeware or unsafe browsing. It has capability to hijack your web browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and modify the browser setting. The look and design of the is looks like genuine and sounds helpful. It does not matter how strong antivirus you used. contain keylogger and trojan to steal your confidential data.

Once browser hijacker install in your PC, it automatically execute when you start your Window PC. It block all the running program and change the browser setting and redirect it to malicious site. It also uses keylogger and screenshot to hack your personal information. It convey your confidential information to the third party for unauthorized uses. To secure your Window PC and browser you have to uninstall without any delay, however, manual method is long process and risky for novice users, so experts are suggested go for Windows Scanner which is very effective to keep your system safe and secure.


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Remove is a scam internet searcher, as well as a browser hijacker which is its primary identity. It redirect users into other malicious sites which are harmful. It can seize the most utilized browsers, extending from Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome to Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, even Safari, and by a wide margin, no browser is found to escape from it ever. It replaces default homepage along with default homepage along with default search engine and is bundled with many free software that are download off of the Internet.

Right after that, victims affected with, starts experiencing terrible computer related problems that will not irritate only but affect the system also. It redirects your every single online activities to its targeted or risky web pages to increase the site visitors. It also track the browsing activities to gather data such as bookmarks, cookies details, visited website URLs, search queries and even read and steal information of all that pages you visited the most. It make system run slowly and crash down randomly due to the infection, it causes lots of annoying ads flood into every site you access, it can change your browser settings, it adds harmful files to major part of the system, it could cut off the access to the installed antivirus software, it keeps updating all the time, it steals your privacy and compromises your security etc. As a matter of fact, is created to help the hackers record your browsing history and collect your vital things like credit card numbers, bank accounts, online passwords and other financial details to generate income. So if your browser have been hijacked by this browser, please don't hesitate and take actions to remove timely.


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Need help!! I want to remove this site immediately from Google Chrome browser. Don't know when and how it get added to my browser and now it creating many issues and make me hard to surf Internet properly. A few days ago I've downloaded some software updates, movies and other thing from Internet. After that day this is my current homepage. I've tried many attempt to re-set browser settings as default but every time I failed to succeed. Is there any way to resolve existing problem and get rid of this strange site completely from browser?

The identified browser infection is name of another browser hijacker virus which has been recently designed by cyber crooks with intention to replace targeted computer's web browser. Once, get installed on your computer then it will make huge changes and modification with DNS and browser settings. First it will set itself as default homepage and afterward add malicious code, plugins and different tool bar into browser to take full control over browser. Like other browser hijacker virus this is also used to collect victims browsing details including their cookies informations, bookmarks, search queries, visited page URL, and it may also read and collect meta data of all that sites that user mote. Collected informations may sell in black market either shared with Spammers for further analysis. Apart from this objective this browser infection is also used to make profits from victimized users by exposing several advertisements and pop-up ads on browser that frequently gets appear on every corner of browser to mislead victim into downloading fake paid programs and other threatening programs. So if you don't fooled by this harmful malware and prevent computer from its consequences then remove immediately from without delay any single bit.

How Does I Get Infected with

As this browser hijacker is well known for its malicious nature. It get penetrated silently into my system through suspicious programs that includes freeware software, spam email attachments, corrupted files and other unwanted programs. As i clicked on these malicious stuffs it get installed automatically into my browser and changes my browser homepage and search engine without my authorization, and as a result i get suffered from browser redirection. Apart from this, it spies my online activities and even collects my personal information to relocate them to its cyber culprits, who then exploit these information for their own advantage. It also consumes system resources and even leads to degradation of system performance. These ads basically brings revenue so that its hackers gain large benefits from its user. 


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Fix PUP.Guntony : Fix your mac system by removal of PUP.Guntony

Hey friends. From couple of days, PUP.Guntony is showing me different kinds of warning messages and pop-up alerts. This shows that my system has been infected with some virus and suggests me to remove it immediately. Well I don't know about how did this entered into my PC but recently I have installed a PDF splitter software. I am using Windows 7 and had tried everything that I can in order to solve these issues. If anybody has some effective idea about how to get rid of PUP.Guntony completely then please help. Their help will be highly appreciable.

These kinds of malware attacks has now become common for computer users. Malicious hackers develop such threats only for the purpose to trap naive users in their traps and wheedle out their money cleverly.

Remove PUP.Guntony

What Exactly PUP.Guntony Is ?

Well the answer to the question is really simple, PUP.Guntony is a potentially unwanted program which has been used by cyber criminals to swindle away their hard earned money. This usually trap naive online users in its fake security alerts regarding virus infections, firewall alerts, warning messages etc. This basically try to convince the victims that their system has some serious issues or get infected with some virus and hence need to be fixed immediately. For this it lure them to call to its tech support and swindle away their hard earned money for nothing.

Harmful Impacts of PUP.Guntony Intrusion :

If you are curious about how this invaded into your PC then you are not alone. PUPs and adware infections like PUP.Guntony has been usually seemed to invade into its target PC along with some freeware software packs. Even more malicious sites, unsafe URLs, social engineering scams, deceptive adverts, junk email attachments etc. are some other common ways of its intrusion. This can silently encroach inside its target PC by taking the advantage of loop holes in the system security when come in contact with unsafe online sources.

Nevertheless if you remove PUP.Guntony promptly after its detection from your system then you can surely avoid any of its serious harmful impacts. Otherwise this makes changes to your default browser and system settings including registry entries to make the situation worst. This can even collects and share its victims important information to third parties and remote hackers to gain more profits. Therefore if you really care for your privacy and safety of your system then you must require to uninstall PUP.Guntony immediately with some well known Windows scanner software.


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Best and possible way to remove PUP.Optional.Cassiopessa from your system

Do you have another problem into your system? Does PUP.Optional.Cassiopessa get silently into your system? Does it get installed with harmful viruses? Does it seems as legitimate programs onto your machine? Does it invite more harmful viruses to your system? Does it target your Windows System? Does it arrives into your system, without your notice? Does it create any issues on your PC? If all these happening within your PC, then you should immediately remove PUP.Optional.Cassiopessa from your system, by just reading this guide once.

PUP.Optional.Cassiopessa is another kind of malicious Trojan that would spread very gently into your system. Whenever, it enters into your PC, its indicated that you will have lost of trouble into your system that can't be removed easily from your system. Its possess strong ability to invite harmful threats into your machine, that cause great damage to your PC. It would not provide any protection to your security. Hence, any time you visit any unwanted site, or open any malicious attachments,it get penetrated into your system. And when it enter, you feel nothing and don't know whats going on behind your PC. In this way, your PC become vulnerable and frequently stops working. Beside this, PUP.Optional.Cassiopessa would drop more malicious files into your system and get hide into your system programs. It would add its passwords on your documents even you don't allow it. It would continuously carry harmful activities on your machine, and most of the time, you would not aware of this. However, whenever you try to open this documents, you would begin to notice something wrong on your system. It would also show you how to solve your problem, when you make payment. Thus, in this case, you have to give up the documents or you have to provide money to its hacker in order to exchange this document.

Harmful Activities Of PUP.Optional.Cassiopessa are as follows:-

  • It would bring more virus into your system.
  • It would install more harmful extensions and plug-ins into your browser.
  • It would bombard your PC browser with harmful ads.
  • It would make certain changes into your system settings to make your system compromise completely.
  • It would take complete advantage of your system.
  • It would help its scammers in recording your online activities.
  • It would also collect your personal data and other browsing information.
  • It would triggers several system errors and serious malfunctions.
  • It would decreased your Internet speed and interfere in your online activities.
  • It would degrades your system performance and put your system into high risk.

Hence, PUP.Optional.Cassiopessa is used as certified Trojan infection that could invade inside as non distinguisable form of virus. After get invaded, it would bind itself to your system file and fitted all the virus package into typical applications so that the ordinary files can cover the virus. What you are waiting for. Just remove PUP.Optional.Cassiopessa immediately from your system.


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The last midnight I was searching for graphic design software in due course I come to interact with After completing download and installation of software, it needs to restart the laptop which I did. Till the shutdown everything was fine but today’s morning the situation was completely changed. As I started browser to check incoming mails, the browser starts with, at the very time I think it’s simply a mistake and continues surfing. After a while getting interact with different type of commercial message on screen which covers the entire web page that begins to annoy me as I was unable to view the original content of the webpage. To resolve the issue I thought that I have to launch the browse and does same. But the problem continues what steps I have to take now to get rid of it?

Searching for and its removal method? Solution of your all problem is here. Read the removal guide and follow the instruction provide along., is a browser hijacker domain according to malware researchers. When this domain accessed in browser appear as a search engine and suggest user to search their queries. This one comes on screen in a lucrative manner and turn user to be with it. Continuing with its search option leads to track down of ‘search term’ without your concern. Keep this fact in mind that it’s a browser hijacker which is able to change browser setting as per requirement. The researchers have mentioned that it usually overwrite home page and search provide address with sponsored one having aim to boost traffic and to gain revenue in handsome amount. This one also put affect on the appearance of browser without user suggestion. As any user continues online activity in its presence surely looses related information such as IP address, surfing history, system configuration, list of daily visited page, installed application, screen resolution and other. If you are also involve in online fund transfer then you have to also be aware because it also tracks personally identifiable data, User ID, PIN, password, credit / debit card number and other.

Now a question must arise in your mind that how and why collects the information from PC? Answering this question is not so easy, as you go with its terms of uses and Privacy Policy, fairly mentioned that it collect information for your better search. And by collecting details it deploy sponsored ads on user’s screen which is very irritating. Each of its deployed sponsored messages are very lucrative and tends you each time to go with them. It is suggested to not be with any of them as they put you more critical condition by downloading other harmful programs in PC, redirecting browser to unwanted sites. You will also notice weird response of other running application as there resource gets exploited extremely. If you really like to get rid of previously discussed issues from PC you have to remove immediately. For its removal you can use Windows Scanner which is a expert recommended and millions of Windows PC users trusted. Otherwise go with the bellow mentioned manual removal process. Keep this fact in mind that you have to be expert in PC handling.


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Fix 100sofRecipes Toolbar : Fix your mac system by removal of 100sofRecipes Toolbar

No doubt internet is making world a better place but unfortunately there is unconscious use that makes user victims of threat like 100sofRecipes Toolbar. It is very unfortunate that many technoligical eniuses use their smarts for evil purposes. Actually 100sofRecipes Toolbar is short program that get viral in the case of unsafe peer to peer sharing, freeware installation and few more. The victims are most likely to get this threat specially when you access internet. Be sure once, these threat enter successfully every things in infected system becomes so badly that can never do anythings on your own system. So never fall in its ads but remove 100sofRecipes Toolbar right now.

100sofRecipes Toolbar

100sofRecipes Toolbar is classified as potentially unwanted program. It seems that displayed ads are useful for the person who love cooking delicious food. You can see it under new tab of browser. Security analyst discovered that the potential threat has versions for online browser for example Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. It has been found that this adware is product of Mindspark Interactive network Inc, which is known to develop such dubious apps that often do not fill user desktop with numerous adverts. However, it also provide links to interesting materials on or The users are harassed with its pop ups and pop under windows that are loaded with commercial videos, vouchers etc.

Being potential threat, 100sofRecipes Toolbar generated codes are dedicated to behavioral marketing that can decrease browser performance. Similarly, loads layer of commercial adverts on very page that user visits the most. The web surfer whose system is infected will notice that browser is covered by ads when they are searching for advice. The malicious program will urge you to install third party application such as Saving champion. Your search provider address get replaced with as well as homepage with and close all the option to use another search engine. PUP.WebToolbar.Mysearch, PUP.MindSpark/Variant and PUP.Optional.MindSpark are another variants of it. So user must consider it using credible anti malware tool for example Windows Scanner to get rid of 100sofRecipes Toolbar from the compromised pc.


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Best and possible way to remove Trojan.Agent.GNI from your system

Hi!! Trojan.Agent.GNI virus has infected my PC very badly which has put me into a big trouble. Not know how it enter and infect the entire parts of the system and thus prevent me to perform any tasks on to it. Also try a lots to remove Trojan.Agent.GNI virus completely from the infected PC by using the installed anti-virus program, but failed each of time. Read the post given below which will help you also how to overcome from this virus. Thanks a lots!!

About Trojan.Agent.GNI –

Trojan.Agent.GNI is detected as one of the nasty and dangerous trojan virus that does harm on to victim computer very badly. As it easily infiltrate within the system when you download freeware software from unknown third party websites. Though these websites are embedded with malicious codes on the free software and get spread over on to your system. This risky trojan virus is created by the cyber crook with the main aim to take control on to your system to gain access all your personal details. Moreover, it also modify the installed web browser default setting including its web home page. It also change the DNS settings and crack the browser firewall security program. Also open the backdoor gate of the system to drop on infected and corrupted files to it that cause more harm on to the system. As it also change the essential system settings such as registry files, exe files, task manager, Window editor and so on. Thus, to keep the system stay away from it you should at the earlier remove Trojan.Agent.GNI from your infected PC.

Trojan.Agent.GNI virus also result to turn the system screen to blue screen of death (BSOD) and may even crash down the system. Degrades the performance of your PC and consumed huge amount of the system resources. On the other side it also occupy large of the system memory and CPU space too. Disable the installed anti-virus program from your infected PC. Moreover, it is also capable to infect and does harm to all the version of the Windows operating system. Also corrupt down all the stored data, files, text, document etc and prevent you to gain access on to it anymore. Slow down the speed of your Internet connection and increase the traffic of web. To keep the system safe, secure, protected it is highly recommended you to remove Trojan.Agent.GNI from your computer without having any delay.


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uninstall ZCryptor: get rid of ZCryptor with these steps

Another nasty ransomware, ZCryptor has been found recently. This encryption ransomware can enter to its target PC without the user's consent and completely encrypt the valuable data. Users can detect this ransomware invasion into their PC when they notice weird file extension to the encrypted and unaccessible files. You can also be notified by the ransomware itself when it drop down its ransom note about how it encrypted your data and what it wants in exchange.

If you have detected this maleficent file encrypting virus into your PC then you must remove ZCryptor instantly before situation get more difficult for you. You just need to be calm down and follow the below instructions to do this easily.

Remove ZCryptor

Let's Know About ZCryptor First :

As mentioned earlier ZCryptor is a very dangerous ransomware infection which can infiltrate into your PC stealthily. After its intrusion into your PC this places various kinds of its malicious executable files in the hidden folders of your system. This also adds zcrypt.lnk file in the users startup folders along with its executable file zcrypt.exe in appdata directory. Once after it get activated successfully into your PC this firstly scans infected computer for important files and documents and encrypt them all of a sudden.

Once ZCryptor successfully encrypts the data of the infected system it makes a demand of huge amount of money in Bitcoins in order to provide the decryption key. Please note that there is no guarantee that it will provide you the decryption key after the payment has been made. Even the security officers also recommends against of paying any sort of ransom to discourage the development of such ransomware infections.

How ZCryptor Invades Into Your PC ?

On going through several instances of ZCryptor attacks, it has been observed by malware researchers that this usually infiltrate into its target PC through phishing and scam email attachments. Users may get email relevant to Fedx delivery, Invoice, Order confirmation etc. along with some sort of attachments as its payloads. Once you open it, the payloads executes and download the executables of this ransomware into your PC without even your consent. Thus its very important for the online users to be extremely careful while seeing such stuffs online.

Without any doubt its essential for the victims to delete ZCryptor immediately from their compromised PC to avoid any more damages and losses. If you have lost your data and want to recover it then you may go for some effective data recovery software after the successful removal of this ransomware threat.


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What is has been defined as a browser hijacker which gets inside the targeted computer without any manual intervention very silently. It is created by online hackers for their own specific purpose. It usually infiltrate into the computer, when you installing some free software without any awareness which is downloaded from some dubious websites. Besides, this kinds of rogue application spread over Internet through various vicious ways which are as follows:

  • Visiting an infected Web site

  • Executable code attack

  • Opening Spam emails

  • By clicking suspicious links

  • Network drive infections

  • No anti-virus scanner

  • Sharing music, files or photos with other users

  • From peer-to-peer file sharing tools and etc.

Whatever, if you want to keep away from and such other threats, you should never go through the above illicit things.

Harmful Effects & Symptoms Of

Once installed, it will start to assault your all the famous and most used web browsers such as Google Chrome, Edge, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, & Internet Explorer and so on. It is very dangerous which will take the place of your browser default search engine and homepage. It change the default web settings awfully. As result you will never get futile web results. Aside from that, no matter whatever you are trying to search or visit, you will be redirected to the malicious websites without any consent. would modify the essential settings of any browser by adding vicious extensions. Moreover, it will display various ads and advertisements and create more web traffic, in resultant, your Internet speed will be very slow down. However, this browser hijacker has advanced techniques to penetrates your firewall and disable antivirus software and infect your Window PC. You will getting alert by your antivirus software, but your antivirus is not capable to delete this infection. It can redirect your Wed browse to unknown site. This stubborn virus stay in the background of Windows PC and replicate itself . Therefore, the location of virus is change and antivirus is not working properly to delete it.

When enters, you will notice that your computer registry will gte infected and slow down the performance of PC. Being third party program, it is designed to collect personal information, financial details, track online activities upload the data on remote server for third party. It can collect your sensitive information and transfer to the 3rd party via Internet. So, experts are highly recommended that you should quick take an effective steps against it, otherwise you can lose your control over your browser and computer and may fall into huge financial loss.

To keep your system safe and clean in future, you will have to delete this browser hijacker from computer. However, removing manually is possible but it need best technical knowledge and long time process. So, you are advised to go for a powerful Windows Scanner to remove completely without any delay in hassle free manner, that also keep your system updated and secure from further attacks and damages. 


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