Easy Way To Delete PUA.SpeedmypcSysOpt From Windows System

Explanation of PUA.SpeedmypcSysOpt

PUA.SpeedmypcSysOpt is one of the curious System infection that falls under the category of the Potentially Unwanted Application. It has the ability to inject all browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari and much more and infect all System that are executing on Windows platform. Being developed by cyber hackers, it is really very harmful for the Windows System. As, it get activated inside the Windows System, it makes several modification to host file, DNS configuration and several other crucial settings without user's awareness. Apart from these, it can cause too much annoyances for you and your PC. It usually perform a scanning procedure and display the misleading detail about System issues like :

Delete PUA.SpeedmypcSysOpt

Technical Details of PUA.SpeedmypcSysOpt

Name of Threat PUA.SpeedmypcSysOpt
Category System Optimizer
Type Potentially Unwanted Application
Version 1.0
Publisher SpeedMyPC.com
Updated November 29th, 2017 4:48:45 AM
Danger Level Low
Affected Systems Windows 32 & 64
Removal Possible

Nasty Activities Performed By PUA.SpeedmypcSysOpt

Due to the presence of PUA.SpeedmypcSysOpt, you may encounter with several annoying troubles including the occurrence of the fake or false notifications and alert messages, unresponsive and sluggish Computer performance, web search redirection, unnecessary modifications in browser as well as crucial settings and much more. Such an application usually comes packages along with various unwanted toolbars, plug-ins, add-ons and harmful extension etc that highly consume hard disk space and degrade overall System functioning speed. Additionally, it take the benefits of network vulnerabilities and security loopholes to drop various malware. To avoid having such a trouble, it is highly advised to remove PUA.SpeedmypcSysOpt from compromised machine immediately without any delay.

Tips To Prevent PC Against PUA.SpeedmypcSysOpt Attack

Before knowing about the safeguard tips, you must know about the infiltration channels of PUA.SpeedmypcSysOpt. It often penetrates into the Windows Computer secretly without any consent. Although, it uses several deceptive ways but mainly it spread over the network via bundling method. Downloading & installation of any cost-free packages using typical or default option is one of the main source of unwanted program infiltration. Besides, such an unwanted program can also enter inside your Computer without your awareness through freeware or shareware programs, torrent files, torrent attackers, spam mail attachments, pirated software, infected game servers, infected devices and much more. To avoid PC from such an infection, you have to take some proper prevention measures including :

  1. Opt best and powerful security application that feature with rootkit detection.
  2. Avoid to click on any suspicious link while surfing the web.
  3. Don't open junk email attachments or spam emails under any circumstances.
  4. Avoid yourself to click on any malicious or suspicious link.
  5. Use always trusted application or site to update your existing application and upgrade your Operating System.


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Uninstall Exp.CVE-2017-16375 Completely From Infected System

Do You Know How Vicious Exp.CVE-2017-16375 is?

Exp.CVE-2017-16375 is a severe detection for the files trying to exploit the Adobe Acrobat Reader APSB17- 36 Multiple Remote Code Execution vulnerabilities with this infectious file. It mainly gets infiltrated using spam emails and freeware or shareware installers. It is a silent intruder to your system. Once it gets inside then start performing dangerous activities on system to make it useless to work. It disable system security to keep inside of PC to do their nasty deeds easily. It makes alteration into system settings to make itself system startup, make changes into registry editor, run various unknown tasks into system background that takes a huge system resources and causes slow system performance. It can track all your activities and online presence to reveal your privacy. So you need to delete it from infected PC as soon as possible.

remove Exp.CVE-2017-16375

Exp.CVE-2017-16375 : More Things To Know About The Malware





Risk Impact



23 November 2017


28 November 2017 5:54:03 PM


  • CVE-2017-16371
  • CVE-2017-16411
  • CVE-2017-16372
  • CVE-2017-16364
  • CVE-2017-16373
  • CVE-2017-16375


Slow system performance, corrupt files, replaces system settings etc.


Spam email attachments, pirated programs, malicious ads or pop-ups etc.

Affected systems


Recommendations You Should Follow To Stay Protected From Exp.CVE-2017-16375

  • Always turn on your firewall to block all incoming connections which are not publicly available.
  • Keep a strong and unique password policy on system because strong password is not easily broken or decoded by the malware.
  • Ensure your system settings to provide lowest level of privileges to the users that they could not do any unwanted things that can damage system.
  • Disable auto play feature on system because most of the time infections like Exp.CVE-2017-16375 comes in a form of exe file format which take this advantage and automatically installed into the system without your knowledge.
  • Always use updated system software and antivirus that gives you real time security.

So you need to remove Exp.CVE-2017-16375 from system as soon as possible by using a reliable anti-malware on it. You can also do the removal by below given manual removal by following the step by step guidance. 


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Guide on How To Uninstall .exo files ransomware From Windows (7/8/10)

uninstall .exo files ransomware

.exo files ransomware Overview

.exo files ransomware is a precarious malware infection developed by potent cyber spammers with the primary objective of enticing inexperienced PC users into it's scam and then earning revenue from them. It identical to numerous other perilous programs of the same group, intrudes itself very silently in the targeted system, without being even acknowledged by the users. It once loaded successfully, poses numerous awful troubles in the PC.

.exo files ransomware encrypts almost all the files stored in the system, rendering them completely inaccessible to the users. It in order to carry out this encryption procedure, makes utilization of a strong encryption algorithm. Threat moreover following the successful accomplishment of this encryption procedure, releases a ransom note including information about the occurred encryption and stating that if the asked amount of payment is not made within the given period of time, then in that situation the enciphered files will be deleted for forever. Now though such note as well as content included in it initially appears trustworthy, it is yet suggested neither to trust the note nor to make any asked payment and in place concentrate on uninstallation of .exo files ransomware from the PC since according to malware researchers it is the most efficient solution to all the issues discussed above.

Potent Sources of .exo files ransomware Attack

  • Accessing spam emails and downloading their respective malicious attachments plays a highly crucial role in the intrusion of this ransomware infection inside PC.
  • Infection besides, might distribute itself through spam email campaigns.
  • Playing online games and utilizing infected external storage devices to transfer data from one system to another results in the proliferation of .exo files ransomware threat in system.
  • It often penetrates itself via corrupted hardwares and pirated softwares.

Tips on How To Forbid PC From .exo files ransomware Attack

  • Do not tap spam and suspicious emails.
  • Patch the Windows OS regularly.
  • Deactivate Windows Script Host (WSH) technology and Windows PowerShell framework.
  • Keep the web browser applications installed in the PC up-to-date.
  • Utilize strong passwords which cannot get easily brute-forced.


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JeanRenoAParis ransomware Removal Tips For Affected Users

Brief Details on JeanRenoAParis ransomware

JeanRenoAParis ransomware also known as StorageCrypter ransomware virus which encrypts data and then demands a ransom money. Unlike other ransomware, this crypto-malware is able to encrypt files stored on network like Cloud. After that, it displays a ransom note identified as '_READ_ME_FOR_DECRYPT.txt' and asks victims to pay 0.4 BTC equivalent to 4359 USD for restoring '.locked' files. The ransom notification informs about how to recover the encoded data. Besides, the victims of JeanRenoAParis ransomware or StorageCrypter malware are encouraged to contact the hackers through provided email address i.e. 'JeanRenoAParis@protonmail.com' to receive a decryption key after they make a payment. It try to lure the victimized users into paying ransom fee by offering a free decryption of one encoded file.

JeanRenoAParis ransomware

However, the file selected to free decryption must not contain important information and also less than 2 MB. However, the security experts at CPM do not recommend trusting them, because there is no guarantee that they will keep their promises after getting the asked ransom money. You should note that the JeanRenoAParis ransomware targets files stored on Cloud or other Network storage. In this kind of situation, you should remove StorageCrypter or JeanRenoAParis malware immediately from your PC and try alternative file recovery methods to retrieve your encrypted data. Furthermore, according to the malware analysts from CPM, the ransomware threats mainly spread via Trojan Horses, malware-laden ads, fake software updates and malicious spam email campaigns.

Dealing with JeanRenoAParis or StorageCrypter Ransomware

It is important for you to understand that hackers do not remotely infect your machine with the malicious apps. You either opened an infected email attachment or downloaded an harmful executable file equipped with JeanRenoAParis ransomware. For instance, most commonly victims install bogus VLC Player or Adobe Flash Player and infects their computer with StorageCrypter ransomware. In addition to that, cyber extortionists send malicious attachments which legit looking emails. As a result, user get tricked to open those emails and start an automatic installation of notorious ransomware viruses. Likewise, you are highly advised to stay away from any rogue programs, alerts or ads that are not offered by any authorized developers. 


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Easy Way To Delete Doubledeepclick.com From Infected Web Browsers

Delete Doubledeepclick.com

An Overview on Doubledeepclick.com

Doubledeepclick.com is another domain that categorized under the browser hijacker. Although, it behaves as a redirect virus that always lead victim to untrusted and dubious site while opening of random tabs. The sole intention of its creator is to lead innocent user to some untrusted domain or commercial site to draw web traffic and creating online revenues for its developers. Technically, malware researchers are not listed it as a malicious one but due to it annoying behavior and lots of malicious doings, it seems as harmful for Windows System.

Malicious Doings of Doubledeepclick.com

It is mainly known to annoy Computer users with redirection to doubtful sites. Besides, redirection, it bombard user's desktop screen with endless commercial advertisements in several form including banner ads, window ads, discounts, deals, audio or video ads, comparison prices, promo codes and much more that based on the pay-per-click platform. All advertisements are really very tricky in nature, clicking on any of them may lead you to unknown site where your System may injected with several serious malicious threats. It has the ability to take control over your System after intruding inside the Windows PC.

After lurking inside the Windows System secretly, first of all, it will alter your browser settings and replaces your default search engine with its own. Apart from these, the worst behavior of such an infection is to record your browsing session and gather your all personal data. In short, Doubledeepclick.com will not only annoyed you but also endanger your privacy. To have a better surfing experience and keep System protected, it is really very essential to get rid of Doubledeepclick.com otherwise, you have to really suffer with several loss.

Distribution Methods of Doubledeepclick.com

Being a member of the notorious browser hijacker family, Doubledeepclick.com can lurk inside your PC using several tricky ways but it mainly distributed with freeware or shareware packages. The developers of this browser hijacker are usually hide its installation packages within Custom/Advanced mode of installation that skipped by System users while installing any freeware packages. If you really want to avoid your Computer from Doubledeepclick.com or other browser hijacker infection then you should be attentive while installing freeware software. You must accept software license, read EULA and opt Advanced/Custom option instead of Typical or Default one so that you can easily avoid the installation of additional packages and infections.


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Tips To Uninstall PUA.ApogeePCPro From Infected Windows Systems

Research Report on PUA.ApogeePCPro

  • Name: ApogeePCPro
  • Type: Potentially Unwanted Application
  • Publisher: Apogee LLC
  • Version:
  • Updated: November 30th, 2017 4:27:27 AM
  • Alert Level: Low
  • Infection Length: Varies
  • Affected Systems: Windows OS

What do you know about PUA.ApogeePCPro?

PUA.ApogeePCPro is a potentially unwanted application which acts as a handy PC optimization tool, but the functionality of this program is much closer to an adware-type threat. To be more precise, this app mostly appears on the computers without receiving proper permission from the users and then continues its infection by carrying out several unauthorized activities. These unwanted activities may include generating intrusive pop-up adverts, running bogus system scan alerts and attempting to trick inexperienced users into thinking that their device is out of order. The perpetual pop-ups and scan reports urge the PC user to obtain the licensed version of PUA.ApogeePCPro in order to fix the detected errors.


On top of it all, the influence of this software may also extend to the web browsers installed on infected machine and the victims may start noticing unwanted ads as well as other random pop-ups showing up on their computer screen out of nowhere when they try to surf the Internet web. As a product of a shady PUP, these adverts and its promoted content should not be trusted. Generally, to capture a more significant amount of advertising revenue, the creators of PUA.ApogeePCPro may even collaborate with poor reputation third parties, because they promises to get a decent profit.

Why you should remove PUA.ApogeePCPro?

Due its suspicious functionality, this application becomes highly unpredictable and also gives a good reason to remove this adware from an infected device. Luckily, it is not considered as a malicious tool which obstruct its elimination, but it might attempt to prevent victims from accessing legitimate security websites and obtaining reputable anti-spyware program for PUA.ApogeePCPro removal. Nevertheless, you can still obtain a credible security program and run a full PC scan by booting your computer in Safe Mode with Networking to delete this infection completely from your affected machine.


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Instructions To Text Keeper Uninstallation From Chrome Browser (Working Proven)

remove Text Keeper

Text Keeper – What is it ?

Text Keeper by savetextnotes.com is actually a Yahoo Chrome extension owning a description of 'write text data and save it'. This extension onto being tapped, displays a screen furnishing users with availability to type some text and then save it as a file. It additionally, causes any searches made from the address bar or from Google and Bing rerouted to sites namely 'search.searchnewworld.com' and 'find.mystart.space' respectively displaying a search form. These redirection ultimately degrades the system's web browsing speed badly, rendering it highly hectic for the users to surf web onto it.

Text Keeper additionally, brings modification in the system's preset Windows registry settings for the purpose of grabbing persistence in it. This leads to the automatic activation of Text Keeper in the PC every time whensoever the Windows get rebooted. PUP asides, spy on the user's web browsing session and accommodates their personal stuff which it then later on uses in bombarding the entire compromised device's screen with endless intrusive advertisements. These ads regardless of the fact that at beginning appears 100% authentic in nature, as a matter of fact causes further redirection to several other phishing domain. This might leads to several high-risk infections. The gathered stuff often includes the user's credential content which the crooks further then transfers to the online marketing agents for the sake of several marketing purposes.

Ads by Text Keeper moreover, makes the PC's working speed slow and sluggish on large extent by occupying enormous magnitude of it's CPU as well as memory space. Hence, to emancipate the PC as well as it's default settings from all such unpleasant traits, it is doubtlessly very important for the users to remove Text Keeper from it.

How Text Keeper Gains Installation in Chrome ?

  • Text Keeper generally comes bundled within several freeware, shareware and drive-by-downloads and proliferates inside PC at time when users download and install them.
  • Accessing spam emails and opening up their respective malicious attachment also leads to the invasion of this undesired program in system on large extent.
  • It might proliferates itself through pirated softwares, corrupted hardwares and suspicious images or links.


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LockeR Ransomware : Quick And Easy Removal Report From Windows PC

LockeR Ransomware : Complete Knowledge Base About The New Culprit

LockeR Ransomware is a malicious ransom virus which is discovered on 25 May. It infect users system's files and access data of the corrupted system and locks them. It makes files completely inaccessible until the payment of ransom money to get a ransomware decryption software to unlock them. It can attack on various Windows versions. It is a just an another copy creation of infamous CryptoLocker Ransomware which infected over 250,000 systems all around the world. Once installed onto system then it started to scan system files, data, file extensions to collect the targeted data to follow the encryption process. After completing the scan process it start encryption process using AES cipher algorithm. After following successful encryption it display a message on the screen titled Locker <version number>, where the number might be randomly used. It provides information about the encryption and demand 0.1 Bitcoin ransom to decrypt files and also threaten by if you do not pay the money in 72 hours then the ransom price will automatically increase to 1 Bitcoin.

remove LockeR Ransomware

How Did You Infected With LockeR Ransomware?

According to security researchers the infection vector has been used into the attacks of LockeR Ransomware is known as Trojan.Downloader that might be installed on your system along with the cracked version of Minecraft. But some of the victims also reported that they does not download the Minecraft and got infected with the malware. So it might be possible to spread infection through expired exploit kits that may uses security vulnerabilities in secure programs that installed on computers. Thats why the experts always suggest to keep up to date your Windows and other system software. Some more ways are through spam emails, corrupt doc files, infected macros and so on.

So you should follow the below given removal instructions to remove LockeR Ransomware from infected system also to restore lost data. If you want to do it automatically using software then use a reliable anti-malware on the affected machine.  


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Best Way To Remove oclasrv.com From IE|Chrome|Firefox

All You Need To Know About oclasrv.com

Based on the latest research report, oclasrv.com is a domain related with an advertising platform which triggers unwanted browser redirects to various promotional portals. It usually arrives in the form of a web browser extension, plug-in, add-on, toolbar or other recommended application in software bundles. The main issue is that it might sneak inside the machine without your knowledge. Due to its sneaky distribution, the threat is often referred to as a browser hijacker virus. However, it is a harsh term to describe advertising domain. Besides, oclasrv.com threat cannot cause direct damage to your computer, but its appearance increases the risk of facing more serious cyber attacks.


Annoying Issues Caused by oclasrv.com Hijacker

  • Always redirects to onclickads.net and further divert to other commercial sites.
  • Increased amount of advertisements and pop-ups appear while Internet browsing.
  • Random text on the visited web portals turned into hyperlinks.
  • You may notice altered homepage, search engine and new tab page as well.

Reasons To Avoid Using oclasrv.com

This oclasrv.com hijacker might also alter each of the browser's default and mostly affects Windows users. However, if you noticed suspicious activities on your browser, then you should scan your system with a reputable anti-spyware scanner and remove it from your computer ASAP. It might disturb your browsing sessions and offers to visit unfamiliar domains or tries to get clicks on the displayed ads. As a result, the creators of oclasrv.com generate revenue from such dubious activity and to get better results, they mainly uses various tracking technologies to capture information about the infected PC users.

What type of data oclasrv.com might gather?

  • Browsing history
  • Clicked adverts
  • Search queries
  • Technical details about OS or browser
  • Geographical-location
  • Time spent on visited websites

Therefore, removal of this hijacker is recommended not only for preventing the attack of annoying ads but also to protect your online privacy. If you want to speed up oclasrv.com removal process, you should obtain a credible anti-spyware tool and run a full system scan.


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Myvideotab.com Removal Guidelines For Browsers (Chrome/IE/FF/Edge)

remove Myvideotab.com

Myvideotab.com Overview

Being developed by APN, LLC. Company, Myvideotab.com is actually a browser hijacker virus developed by cyber criminals with the sole objective of enticing inexperienced web users into it's fake tricks and then generating illegal revenue from them. It very similar to those of numerous other catastrophic programs of the same category, disseminates itself very silently inside the targeted system, without being acknowledged by the users. This threat once done with the successful perforation, conducts a series of evil practices in the PC.

Threat Summary

Name Myvideotab.com
Category Browser Hijacker
Brief Description

Affects each browser applications existing in the PC and redirects the users to several suspicious domain.

Propagation Method

Freeware installations, bundled packages, spam emails etc.

Symptoms Browser settings which gets modified are the homepage, search provider and new tab.

Myvideotab.com commonly initiates the execution of several vicious practices via firstly grabbing complete control over entire PC and then hijacking the browser installed in it. This hijacking enables the threat to redirects the users to it's own search engine i.e., MySearch. Threat moreover besides from this, flood the entire victimized device's screen with endless frustrating pop-up ads which regardless of the fact that initially appears authentic, as a matter of fact poses redirection to several phishing domain. This redirection degrades the system's browsing speed badly, rendering it literally highly hectic for the users to surf web onto it.

Myvideotab.com furthermore, poses negative traits onto the user's privacy via sniffing their personal stuff and then revealing it to the online crooks for the sake of various marketing purposes. It additionally, downloads and installs numerous other precarious malware infections inside computer system without the user's assent by weakening working efficiency of the antivirus program existing in it. This hijacker threat slows down the PC's speed badly by consuming enormous magnitude of it's available resources. Hence, to forbid such type of undesired modification from being occurred in the system, it is literally very important for the users to take immediate action on the instant removal of Myvideotab.com from the PC.

Myvideotab.com : Propagation Tactics

Myvideotab.com get distributed among user's PC through numerous shady such as :

  • Via freeware, shareware and drive-by-downloads.
  • Through junk emails and their respective malicious attachments
  • Through online games and contaminated removable storage devices
  • Via pirated softwares and questionable images or links. 


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